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Welcome to The Dollhouse

Leaping Cats!

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Leaping Cats!

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It's Leap Day.  It only comes every four years so make the most of it.  We're spending ours evaluating a potential new member of the team...

Scratch found a cat last night – or maybe a cat found him.  It's unclear whether Boston Babydoll Manor has a new permanent resident or not.  He's certainly friendly (the cat, not Scratch) and pretty clearly house-broken (they both are, but we're still talking about the cat).  We think he was someone's house cat who got out and has been on the street for a couple of weeks.  Scratch took him to the local animal hospital this morning and, unfortunately, he doesn't have a subcutaneous locater chip (again, the cat.  Scratch does a chip; a hold-over from his black-out drinking days).  We've contacted a bunch of local shelters and the police to see if anyone has reported a cat as missing but nothing yet.  After the snow clears, we'll put up some posters in the neighborhood where we found the cat.

Until such a time as we decide he's sticking around, Scratch is just referring to the cat as "the cat".  Naming something is a sign of serious commitment and he has some issues with commitment (this time we mean Scratch.  The cat seems like he'd be perfectly happy to stick around for a while).

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